TWith the fist day of the Conference Call in the books, here are the highlits of the day, Please understand that this Conference Call is more than one day of talks; so, please understand that it maybe one or more days to complete the conference call. Here are the highlights:


Rules and Punishments

The first item of the day is the rules.The majority of the members thougt that the rules are needed to have a successful site. Secondly, the rules will be lite and direct to the point. The idea of rule is that edit in good fiath and neutural to the point. So, in truth, the rule number one is Edit in good faith and it shall be neuural in tone. Rule number two is no personal; feelings need not to get in the editing. And lastly, there will be a rule on no personal vandana on the issue at hand. The punishments are as follows: personal attacks will give you a three day ban and continues to grow over time by adminitrators decision, secondly the ungood faith edits will give you a warning then a ban of three days then continues to grow on the admins decision, and vandalazing will automatically gives you a one week ban then two weeks ban than month ban then at the last of the road is a fuill band with losst of privialiges to this site.


The achievements are as follows: The promotional badges will be given out throughout the year based on the staffs final call and there will be time sensative badges that will be automatically given out to those who earned them honestly.

Manual of Style (MoS) Guidelines

The NiS will be done the next days events to time that was left.

In Closing

Vy midnight GMT in London UK, we cease the day one and requested a day two for the following day.

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