Hello everyone and this is my official statement to the users. As you know, I haven't been on or edit any type of articles, templates, or blogs, but, I have been on to see what is going on. I am requesting that all administrators contact me for issues relating to this site. Comments, ideas, suggestions, and thoughts should be posted here and I will deliver them to the other administrators.

Currently, I am working on a Manuel of Style (M.o.S.) for this site and I hope the other administrators will like the look, and feel, of it. Secondly, I am thinking of some rules and regulations to be applied here on this site for those who has any questions about them. Thirdly, affiliations are a must to attract new users here at this site. I hope that some of the sites I have requested affiliations to, approves the idea. I hope to hear from some, if not all, of them soon. And lastly, I am planning on something that will be in place by the first part of January of 2011, but, no latter than the end of February 2011.

I love to hear from all of you with your suggestions, thoughts, comments, ideas, and so on, here on this blog post. I will deliver, any and all, things to the other administrators and, probably have, a vote on them so that everyone will have a chance to make changes to our decisions before they comes official.

Thanks for stopping by.

LoneThrasherWolf37 19:04, December 10, 2010 (UTC)

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