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For Canadian version of Sim Brother, see Sim Brother (Canadian series) and Celebrity Sim Brother.
With 95 cameras watching your every move and 65 microphones recording every word you say, This is the Big Brother house.


Sim Brother is a reality show that puts a number of strangers in a house for three months. In the American version, the first season of Sim Brother has six sims in a house for three months. Casting is still in the final stages since the show was picked up by Sims Broadcasting System in October[1].


The show was picked up by Sims Broadcasting System on October 15, 2010 and casting of the show started the next day. As of April 8, 2011, there are finished casting and modeling the house for late-April 2011 airing.



  1. 2010-10-15. Sims Broadcasting System. Casting for Sim Brother is underway and finalist are going to be called late March to early April of 2011 with the Show airing early May 2011.

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