Celebrity star Featured Article:
This article was a Featured Article in December 2010. Its layout and content is an example of excellence on The Sims Daily Planet Wiki.

An award is given to those who deserves it. Here at The Sims Project, an award is given to an user, article, category, or other things that best exemplifies the spirit of this wiki.

Types of Awards Edit

Daily Awards Edit

Weekly Awards Edit

Monthly Awards Edit

Featured ArticleEdit

Main article: Sims Daily Planet Wiki:Featured Article
For the template, see Template:Feat art.

Featured Article, template ({{Feat art}}), is given to the best article that gives the best essence of or spirit of the site. Created January 2010.

Featured UserEdit

Main article: Sims Daily Planet Wiki:Featured User
For the template and article, see Template:Feat User and Featured User.

Featured User, template ({{Feat User}}), is given to the exceptional user who does an exceptional work. Created January 2011.

Semi - Annual Awards Edit

Annual Awards Edit

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